SOL#29 My dog

My dog is amazing because she is so playful and she always trying to protect me so every time I go out side and she is with me and someone says hi or good morning she will start barking because she thinks that they are trying to harm me. She is just a over protective but I love here.

SOL#28 Lexia challenge

How I feeel when I am called up i feel really calm because then I don’t have to worry of doing lexia. Also feel proud of my self because I accomplish something that I had to do it and I did it. Also if I finish lexia on Friday I get more excited because it is Friday I did my work and it is just a really good feeling.

SOL#21 When I went to S.S house

So me and S.S told are moms if I can come over. Both of are moms said yes and we were so happy. So my mom dropped me over to S.S house. So then I came in and the first thing that said hi was her dog🤣. Then we went to her room and started playing on are phones. Then we FaceTimed D.P because we started getting bored. Then S.S felled off her exercise ball and then S.S started laughing when she felled and so was D.P and me but she was ok. It was so fun.